Bump Practitioners


Dr Julie Vecera

Julie Vecera is a TCM doctor who specialises in the field of fertility and gynaecology through the use of acupuncture and nutrition. She has successfully treated thousands of couples trying to become pregnant. Julie presents seminars and webinars for Monash IVF on the topics of Acupuncture and Optimum Diet and created The 28 Day Fertility Lifestyle Program which helps prepare couples trying to become pregnant through a regimen of healthy eating, exercise and fertility specialist’s advice.

Julie is the Director of Bump and having been through IVF herself has a strong empathy for the patients and her passion for her work is evident upon consultation. You can book an appointment with her at Bump Carlton on Wednesdays and at the Epworth Hospital (Richmond) on Thursdays.

BA Health Science/Chinese Medicine
Post graduate in Nutrition

Southern School of Natural Therapies
Deakin University

Janette Panaccio

Dr Meg Dooley. CM. BAppSci(Human Biology/Chinese Medicine)

Meg is a registered Acupuncturist, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Massage therapist. Her involvement in the Natural Health and Healing industry span over fifteen years and she is registered for Chinese Medicine on the Australian Health Practitioner Registry (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)

Meg graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Applied Science/Chinese Medicine/Human Biology in 2006, her knowledge encompasses both Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and the Western Medical sciences.

Over five years Meg studied Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Pathology, Western Medical diagnosis and Pharmacology whilst also learning the art of Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment.

In 2006 she travelled to China to complete her clinical internship at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here she spent 5 months in the departments of Acupuncture, Gastroenterology, Gyneacology, Dermatology, learning from experienced Chinese Doctors in these fields and developed a special interest in Chinese Medical Gyneacology, Assisted Reproductive Medicine, Obstetric Acupuncture and Acupuncture for Emotional and Mental health.

Since completing her degree Meg has done further study in Classical Five Element Acupuncture, which is particularly effective for emotional disorders and is also currently a candidate in the Masters of Human Nutrition program at Deakin University.

Meg has now been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for over 8 years, she has predominantly directed her focus toward helping patients overcome Anxiety disorders, Natural Fertility enhancement and achieving better outcomes for IVF patients.

When consulting IVF patients her special interests lie in preparation for IVF cycles with Diet/Nutrition, stress management and improving the overall Gut Health of patients to enhance cellular uptake of nutrients and improve immune function and factors contributing to egg/sperm development. Meg is also interested in guiding patient through Liver detoxification in between IVF cycles to encourage natural hormonal balance and vitality.

She is the Author of the eBook The YIN/Yang of Stress: 5 ways Chinese Medicine can help you achieve emotional balance, physical vitality and lasting peace of mind, and is currently developing an online course to help patients manage stress through Wholefoods, Movement&Breath, Nourishing the Spirit and Embracing Rest.

Jenny Kwon

Jenny Kwon

My treatment philosophy is “Treat the root and the plant will thrive”

Graduated from RMIT University with double bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine and Human biology.

After graduating, developed a special interest in Women’s health and fertility and been working with fertility patients for more then 5 years.

My treatment focus on finding the balance within individuals and help to achieve ones health in optimal state.

Janette Panaccio

Janette Panaccio

Janette Panaccio is an experienced Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture practitioner who has been providing services to Bump patients since 2010. Janette, is a fully qualified TCM practitioner having completed her tertiary studies at RMIT, including an internship at the TCM Jiangsu Hospital in Nanjing, China. She is registered with both AHPRA and AACMA.

Janette is a proud and passionate TCM practitioner, committed to providing the best possible care and attention to all of her patients undergoing the IVF program. She firmly believes that a course of gentle acupuncture sessions together with herbal supplements, where required, will enhance the likelihood of successful IVF and other fertility procedures.

In addition to her fertility services with Bump, Janette also practices in the areas of musculoskeletal pain conditions, anxiety, depression, post-natal care and paediatrics.

Janette is constantly seeking to improve her knowledge of TCM, and loves attending professional development courses. She finds master classes with visiting expert clinicians an especially effective way to acquire new skills and techniques. In her remaining spare time, she enjoys relaxing at her home on the Peninsula with her grown up family.

Janette practices at Bump on Mondays in the CBD, Tuesdays/ Wednesdays in Hawthorn and Saturdays at The Bays, Mornington.


Mira An

Dr. Mira An is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She is a registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and an accredited member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

Mira trained in Seoul, Korea as a clinical dietitian at Severance hospital and realised food plays a core role in life changing & disease fighting.

Having worked in the field of modern, high
technology driven medical science as a dietitian, she also developed another interest in energy of food and herbs which is nature’s own. She spent a year in Beijing studying Chinese literature at Qing Hwa University and was fascinated about classic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mira then completed a double degree of Chinese Medicine & Human Biology at RMIT. She was also involved in many clinical research studies investigating various modern diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine & acupuncture during her research training.

She is practicing classic acupuncture utilising Five Elements, 8 constitutional diagnoses with deep insight of somatic, social and physiologic aspect of human beings as a whole.

Mira has a great interest in fertility, immunologic disease, allergy, and complementary dermatology as well as metabolic, endocrine imbalance and is likely to integrate evidence based traditional medicine and medical specialties to deliver the best possible care to patients.

Sharmaine Nicholson

Sharmaine Nicholson

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
B.Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture. & Herbs)
APRHA CMR0001740003 ATMS23578

Sharmaine is one of Melbourne’s leading fertility Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine herbalists. She has been successfully helping couples conceive for almost 10years.

She specialises in the treatment of infertility (male and female factor), pregnancy support, pre birth preparation and women’s health.

Sharmaine joined Bump at it’s inception and brings her wealth of clinical experience and success of helping couples get pregnant and stay pregnant, naturally and/or by supporting IVF and other assisted reproduction protocols.

She can provide the treatment and support you need to help you navigate your fertility treatment more successfully prevent miscarriage support pregnancy and guide you through each trimester prepare for labour with pre birth preparation.

Sharmaine concentrates on balancing the reproductive system and hormones, and reducing stress for both men and women. Her treatments are focused on each patients specific clinical presentation. Every patient is different and every patient is given the differentiated care and attention they need.

She utilises acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, nutritional guidance and lifestyle counselling. Sharmaine works in conjunction with patients doctors and health care providers to achieve the fastest, most beneficial results, and endeavours to create a healthy balance of natural and allopathic practices in their lives.

Sharmaine has found that male and female co-treatment brings about the best results for conception, reduced miscarriage, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. She believes that healthy mums and dads to be have the best chance of making healthy babies.

Patients feel confident with Sharmaines natural, relaxed manner and her knowledge. She is well versed in IVF and assisted reproductive protocols and medications, the Drs and the various IVF clinics in Melbourne. She is able to give you current and accurate information.

Sharmaine is also committed to helping people live happier, healthier lives with acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine and also treats common ailments like colds and flus, immunity issues such as hayfever, headaches, and digestive disorders to name but a few.

Qualifications & Awards

Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine)

Awarded scholarship for a clinical internship at the renowned Kyung Hee University Hospital in Seoul. During this time she received specialist clinical training in the gynecology/reproductive health, pulmonary, endocrine, pediatric, hepatic and opthamalogy departments.


Olivia Ma

Olivia Ma graduated from RMIT after completing her internship at the Jiangsu hospital in Nanjing, China. She has also worked as an acupuncturist at the Emergency Department at the Northern Hospital in Epping. Olivia is the fourth generation in her family practising Chinese Medicine.

Olivia likes to incorporate traditional Chinese medicine with modern research to optimise treatment efficiency. She is also versed in Japanese acupuncture. She favours the gentle needling technique of Japanese acupuncture, and finds it especially beneficial for those who are sensitive or needle shy.

Olivia is passionate about assisting couples along their fertility journey, from pre-conception to post-natal care. She also loves treating dermatological cases and seeing the tangible skin response to acupuncture and herbs.


Maya Lerman-Becker

Maya Lerman-Becker is an experienced practitioner with a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) obtained in Australia.
For the last 14 years Maya has been practicing in a range of professional health clinics.

Maya has a special interest in women’s health, Fertility and support during IVF.
She is a mother of two and is passionate about treating babies and paediatrics in general.

In her sessions Maya utilises the range of techniques at her disposal and may combine acupuncture and herbal supplements with pressure points (Shiatsu) and cupping. She believes that for those who experience fertility issues and those who go under IVF, a hands-on massage such as the Shiatsu has a great value. She has been practicing at Bump since 2012.


Davina Mercuri

Davina obtained her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Australia. Further studies abroad took her to China and the UK where she spent many hours observing TCM Doctors treating patients successfully in the dermatology, gynaecology, paediatric, gastrointestinal wards. She has also had many years experience working with a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Gynaecologist in Melbourne. Davina was invited to join Bump where she continued her practice treating a wide range of disorders including gynaecology and infertility. Davina has now been in practice for over 10 years and likes to incorporate her acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal medicine where deemed necessary.